New Flight Cage

flight cage

This is the new flight cage that my husband bought for my birds. As you can see, I am not the only one who spoils them. He blames it all on me, of course, but secretly he buys them things and lets everyone believe that I am the “crazy bird lady” who goes overboard and buys them anything and everything.  This cage is big enough for 50 birds, and that is probably not an exaggeration. When I bought my poor little parakeets in the bird store there were probably 25 or 30 in a cage 1/10 this size.  And so I’ve moved my cage yet again…remember when i told you that my parakeets ran my cockatiels out of their cage? Well the moment they laid their eyes on this newer, bigger cage they ran them out of this one and decided that they could have their old one back.  I now let everyone hang out during the day in this cage, in my sons room. I put the cockatiels back in my room at night in their old/new cage because of frequent night frights. I don’t want them to have them and sleep through it. It’s happened several times now and it terrifies me. Scoot hurt a wing a few weeks ago during an episode in the middle of the night. Thank God it wasn’t a bad one. But anyway, just wanted to share with everyone my birds deluxe mansion of a bird cage 🙂


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