The difference between cockatiels and parakeets..

This morning has been parakeets are still in the cockatiels cage, and so my cockatiels are still hesitant to go in and out of it. This morning Zeus and Crazy managed to climb into the parakeet cage and now are afraid to come out. They perch on my finger, they WANT out, but when it comes time to come out of the small door, they panic and fly back up onto the perch. And so I’ll have to take the top off of the parakeet cage to get the poor things out 🙂

My baby cockatiel, Scooter, has twice now decided to ride my dog like a horse. The other day, for the second time,  I had to chase my petrified 70 pound dog all through the house while the bird was on her back.  It wasn’t easy catching her to get him off. Oh, the joys of bird ownership.  I’ve decided that the true difference between owning parakeets and cockatiels is this… If you want a bird that reminds you of the kid at school who was big and dumb but gentle, lovable and sweet, then a cockatiel is for you. If you want an extremely intelligent, crafty but very naughty  bird whose constant antics will keep you in stitches, then get a parakeet.  The trade off is that they aren’t as cuddly.  I know that this isn’t true off all cockatiels or parakeets, but it certainly is the case with mine.

And so my day begins….


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