My two adopted girls…

is that crazy bird coming for my toes again

crazy on my shoulder

Meet Zeus and Crazy! I didn’t name them, but I figured out pretty quickly why they named the Lutino Crazy! This is their third home, unfortunately. I’ve been told that they are approximately 2 to 3 years old.  I’ve had them since the 10th of December, 2014. And so they are still getting used to us. Zeus has a huge crush on my husband. It took us awhile to figure out why she would make a strange chirping sound and stick her butt up in the air every time she saw him! I was a little shocked to find out that this is her “mating call”, and for some reason she thinks that my husband is her mate. Strange, right?  I mean, I’d never want to mate with a bird! So why would a bird think that they could possibly mate with a human? Another mystery of the bird world.

Crazy and Zeus are very bonded. Crazy (or Crazy Pants or Cray Cray, is what I call her) starts screaming this ear splitting scream if Zeus is out of her sight. She is getting better about it since she is getting used to us. But I’m  afraid that we’ll never be able to fully bond with her. She doesn’t like to be touched at all. I do have this picture of her on my shoulder. It is the one and only time that she has actually come to me and climbed on me. I was shocked when she flew down off of her perch and onto my bed and then onto my shoulder. I was also a little nervous, but she didn’t bite me, which I was almost expecting. That was about a month ago, and it hasn’t happened since. She’s not a very social bird. Zeus, on the other hand, loves having her head rubbed. Especially when my husband is doing the rubbing 😉  Zeus and my baby, Scooter seem to finally be bonding a bit. Or have at least finally excepted each other. He does on occasion like to sneak up on them and bite their tail feathers and then run. This morning he pulled Zeus’ crest as I was rubbing her head. He’s a little devil. I can’t wait until we get to experience his  hormonal years. I’m told that this is the time when he will turn into a little devil. This usually happens, so I’m told, between the ages of 1 year to 18 months.  They begin to act like crazy hormonal teenagers. And if you can get through that period of demonic behavior without killing your bird, then they return to their sweet loving selves. I can’t wait to experience that! I already have two teenage boys in my home, so my imagination is running wild with what to expect.  But I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I’m also told that he may decide to choose a family member as his mate. Yuck! Well, it is my husband that he insists on sleeping on every night. So maybe I’ll get lucky and just stay “Mom”. I’d rather not have my cockatiel doing all kinds of crazy, nasty things to me.


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