The impulse to buy a cockatoo, what everyone should know before they do.

This is an excellent website that tells the truth about these magnificent birds. Unfortunately, cockatoos end up being abused and abandoned more than any of the large parrots. If anyone does decide that this is the bird for them, please adopt one. I discourage buying a baby from a breeder. There are so many cockatoos out there that need a good home. And you never, ever want to own one if you live in an apartment. Unless you want your neighbors constantly complaining about the noise. These birds are very, very loud. There is a reason that cockatoos are called “velcro birds”. They stick to you like velcro. You will have a 3 year old child on your hip for possibly the next 80 years. They are wonderfully intelligent animals. But it takes a very special person to care for one of these birds. They are known for self mutilating if they don’t get the time and attention that they need, which is a lot!  They are extremely emotional creatures. So if you are thinking of owning one of these birds, please read this website. It is the most honest that I’ve found.

and here is one of my absolutely favorite youtube videos. Here we have a cockatoo that cusses up a storm!


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